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Established in 1978, TSG, originally a consulting partnership, was absorbed into BEH llc in 2005.

TSG consulting services are delivered to senior management teams principally in Fortune 500 companies in the US and Europe. Working within aerospace, manufacturing, and electronics industries, the primary focus is on productivity improvement through more effective cross-functional and cross-departmental coordination. Client companies include:

ASTRA Pharmaceuticals (Stockholm, Sweden)
Boeing Commercial 777 Program (Renton, WA)
Digital Equipment Corporation (Maynard, MA)
NASA JPL Labs (Pasadena, CA)
(Toronto, Canada and Research Triangle, NC)
Pilkington Electronics (Wales)
Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mexico)
Rohm & Hass (Philadelphia, PA)
Trane Company (Tyler, TX)
Wisconsin Precision Components (Bucharest, Romania)

TSG participated as co-director of:

Time-to-Market Program of the International Association for Product Development - a best-practice consortium of Fortune 500 and other large US-based manufacturing companies

Time-to-Market Program of the Welsh Development Authority - a shared-learning consortium of international manufacturing companies with operations in Wales

The firm's proprietary best-practice management methods include:

"SPARK": a systemic process-focused method focusing on five company-centric activities:
- Strategy formulation
- Process management
- Accountability assignment
- Reward and recognition
- Knowledge management

"THREE-TIER PRODUCTIVITY": A production-line management system built on a disciplined activity-based process to (a) improve productivity, (b) to enhance customer required quality delivery of products and services, and (c) to achieve continuous improvement along the supply chain.

"CI - MANAGEMENT METRICS": A goal-oriented method for managing company-wide continuous improvement (CI) in quality, cost and delivery

"FOUR-FIELDS" - PROCESS MANAGEMENT: An effective and replicable method for achieving cross-company coordination within large organizations or between partnered organizations

About BEH llc:

Dan Dimancescu (cv)
Author or co-author of books (see) with Ray Stata, Founder of Analog Devices, James Botkin, Kemp Dwenger, Peter Hines, and Nick Rich


Cities Corporation: An urban cartography firm established in 1970 to bring improved design to the making of urban maps and the first in commercial enterprise in the U.S. to use computer tools to draft commercial maps / see archive of cartographic work

Cities Project: A research program managing a comparative study of Tokyo, New York, London and Moscow carried out by a cross-disciplinary team of academics, journalists, and media (photo, and film) professionals


Harvard Square PO381347, Cambridge, MA 02238
617 497-1111


Lean Management - video
A Lean Coaching, Inc. Case:
Freightliner llc (Daimler Trucks)
Almaty, Kazahkstan: The Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research KIMEP invited D. Dimancescu to lecture mid-career MBA students on 'International Business Practices'. Click on photos to enlarge.
Orlando, Florida: Presentation by TSG on "Holistic, Collaborative, Integrated - Product Development" at the Lean Executive Forum / Productivity, Inc. (link)
Cleveland, NC: Visit to Freightliner/Daimler with Lean Coaching, Inc. (US) see video
The Lean Enterprise and Seamless Enterprise, authored by TSG's founder, introduced enterprise cross-function methods to U.S. managers. This included "Four-Fields" process-mapping. (Click to enlarge map)
Stuttgart, Germany: Visit to Mercedes/Daimler with Lean Coaching, Inc. (UK) and CODECS (Romania) (link)